VNQSH Procycling x VanH

Posted on August 23 2021

VNQSH Procycling x VanH

VNQSH Procycling Powered by VanH                                                              

The VNQSH (pronounced Vanquish) Procycling Team was formed by dynamic duo, Henry Liebenberg and Brendan van Eeden.  “We ride our bikes because we absolutely love it.  Cycling is a real passion for us and we wanted to create a team which could be unique and approachable for younger riders.  We want to create a exciting vibe around cycling and inspire the younger crowd.  We approached VanH to partner with us as we felt they could create a stylish look with their stunning clothes.  The idea is really to launch new kit throughout the season and to look good on and off the bike. 

Henry is a previous under 23 SA champion and Brendan is regular podium finisher on the local XCO scene.  Together they make a real impact in local mountain biking.

Rynard van Hoven from VanH says that their philosophy has always been to partner with athletes who are passionate about cycling.  We love creating beautiful functional kit.  We aim to start with the best fabric and pads available and then to design some stylish cycling clothes.  It’s a breath of fresh air to deal with Henry and Brenden.  They are passionate and energetic and share our love for cycling. 

The VNQSH team is also powered by

Absolute Motion: @absolutemotionza

Cold Control

Hutchinson tires: @hutchinsontiressa

Look pedals: @lookcyclersa

Natural Health Centre: @naturalhealthpmb

Smanie: @smaniesaddles

 Henry’s motto is to be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. (from Jennifer Lee)

Brendan’s motto is Success is never owned, it is rented and the rent is due every day (by Robert Rodriguez Jr)

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